The role of MC at a wedding reception is often filled by a member of the bridal party, a parent or a gesture by the couple to someone near and dear but weren’t able to be in the bridal party itself (i.e. because everyone knows bridal parties look better with even numbers).

However public speaking is not for everyone and/or the couple would prefer their loved ones just enjoy the night instead of “working” so the role of MC needs to be outsourced. That’s where I come in *man in nice suit waves frantically*

I have extensive experience of MC’ing wedding receptions which I like to keep fun and light-hearted.

Once we have discussed what you would like to happen at your reception, throw yourself into celebration mode and leave the rest to me.

Scouring the internet you’ll find my prices are comfortably on the affordable side of the spectrum. One way I keep my costs low is that you guys provide the microphone and amp. 9/10 weddings I have worked at this is easily organised through the band/DJ providing the equipment, the couple owning a mic and amp or hiring the equipment. I assure you the costs of these options still works out costing less than almost all other MC/celebrants. Tell em Google! 😉

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