In your lifetime, your wedding is going to stand out as one of the most personal and fun celebrations you’ll ever experience. My duty is to make sure that your big day strikes that perfect balance of fun and solemn.

As part of that duty, I solemnly swear there will be no tacky 15 minute monologue by me about the definition of the word ‘love’ or any other impersonal celebrant cliches. Instead what I like to do in the lead up to the ceremony is catch up with you both separately and over a drink (beer, martini, tea…choose your poison) get you to spill the beans from when you first met up to the big proposal. I then go away and sow your different perspectives together into one joyous, fun and solemn story for you, your friends and family to enjoy during the ceremony.

With nine years of celebrant experience, I can help you with your vows and any other miscellaneous bits of advice you may need along the way.